About us

Poznań University Hospital of Lord’s Transfiguration is the contractor of the Greater Poland Oncology Programm – the improvement and adjustment of cancer diagnostics and treatment to demographic and epidemiological trends of the region, together with the assurance of optimalization of management and prevention .The programm is subsidised with the EEA and Norway Grants under PL07.

Our Mission and Vision

The creed of the Poznań University Hospital of Lord’s Transfiguration is: SALUS AEGROTI, EDUCATIO, SCIENTIA (Serve the patient, education, science).

Our mission is to provide multidisciplinary diagnostic-treatment services with particular focus on cardioviscular and cancer diseases, all within the scope of academic research. We take care of patients from the entire North-western region of Poland. Offering them exceptional quality of services and creating most friendly atmosphere.

Aims of the University Hospital of Lord’s Transfiguration::

  • maintaining and developing the leader position in Greater Poland in the field of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases,
  • providing comprehensive cardiac care with full range of diagnostic and treatment services, including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology and transplantation,
  • development of comprehensive optical care in order to establish a leading regional centre offering a comprehensive optical diagnostic and treatment
  • development and growth of advanced haematology centre offering bone marrow transplantation services,
  • strengthening the high position of our oncology clinics that lead in the field of diagnosis and cancer treatment in Greater Poland region,
  • creating highest level academic conditions for those who want to become health professionals.


Poznań University Hospital of Lord’s Transfiguration
partner of Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Długa 1 /2
61- 848 Poznań
phone no. Central Office: 61 854 90 00
phone no. Secretary’s Office: 61 854 91 21
fax 61 852 94 72
e-mail: szpital@skpp.edu.pl

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