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In 1993, after 50 years of break, family medicine in Poland regained the status of a clinical discipline. In 1994 prof. dr hab. med. Irena Zimmermann – Górska was appointed as the Dean for the newly-established Family Medcine Study Centre, from which, until 2000 graduated 50 General Practitioners. In 2001, the Study has been replaced with the Family Medicine Department led by dr hab. med. Wanda Horst – Sikorska. Lek. med. Liliana Celczyńska-Bajew and lek. med. Anna Wawrzyniak became the employees of the department. New department took over the role of Regional Training Centre. In 2011 it has been graduated by 160 General Practitioners.

Structure of Professorial Chair and Department of Family Medicine

In 2003 a Laboratory of Clinical Psychology was established within the Family Medicine Department. The staff consisted of mgr Izabela Warmuz-Stangierska and mgr Sebastian Dąbrowski. In 2005 mgr Nadia Bryl joined the team. In 2010 a Laboratory of Metabolic Bone Disease was established within the Department. In 2005, the Family Medicine Department was converted into Chair and Department of Family Medicine located within the Heliodor Święcicki Clinical Hospital in Poznań. Until January 2013 the Chair and Department of Family Medicine was led by prof. dr hab. med. Wanda Horst – Sikorska. Staff of the unit includes 6 associate professors, 4 assistants, 8 residents and 3 office workers. Dr hab. n. med. Anna Posadzy – Małaczyńska is the current head of the Chair.

Science and Research

Our activity is aimed at prevention and prophylaxis of socially important modern-age diseases such as metabolic syndrome or osteoporosis. Performed academic research, based on molecular biology, involve the elaboration of the impact of hereditary factors on the course of osteoporosis, vascular diseases and cancers of the endocrine glands (thyroid, adrenal glands). Fields of our interest include quality of life, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacogenetics, as well as a separate research stream focused on the evaluation of education effectiveness of Faculty of Medicine students and doctors in the field of family medicine. Additionally, we also study the influence of mentioned diseases on the quality of life and research the field of pharmacoeconomics. In the period of 2007-2010 the Chair implemented a programme “Improved quality of medical services in basic healthcare in Wielkopolska” led by mgr Sebastian Dąbrowski, granted by the EEA Financial Mechanism. Certified courses were completed by 360 General Practitioners. In 2005 and 2009 the Chair and Department of Family Medicine led by prof. dr hab. med. Wanda Horst-Sikorska organised IV and VII Congress of the Polish Society of Family Medicine. The Chair was also a co-organiser of various multidisciplinary conventions and conferences. In 2006 a Family Medicine Centre was opened for patients of Poznań area. Except providing medical services the Centre was also an academic facility for students of Medical University. The Chair and Department of Family Medicine provide courses in the field of family medicine conducted by medical professionals to students of Medical Faculty, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Division of Medical Education in English as well as for the Faculty of Health Sciences students. Since 2004, our university is a place for the Student Research Circle led by dr n. med. Anna Wawrzyniak. The Circle received numerous awards on Students Scientific Associations conventions.

Chamber of Physicians of Greater Poland – is the honorary patron of the “Oncology of Greater Poland” project.

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